Comes from the latin ‘granum’, a grain, in reference to the coarse-grained structure of a crystalline igneous rock. They happen in a myriad of colours with high density and compressive strength making them a favoured construction stone.


With its characteristic veins and many potential shades, continues to impress today, as it used to, in the past, when applied in interiors. Its aesthetic value has gained prominence over the years as its looks richly blends with the furnishings. It elevates the ambience to a level which exudes opulence.


A form of limestone deposited by mineral springs having a fibrous appearance. It is used as a building material both in filled and unfilled forms in interiors and exteriors.


Primarily refers to the parallel banded, often in alternating colors, variety of the silicate mineral rock texture. Being translucent, at times, they allow craftsmen to often play with light in their creations.